We didn’t start with wanting to create a brand. We wanted to promote a message. Less Ego is a note to self, and a message for everyone.

Ego is created in the head. It’s a fear, born of thoughts of being inadequate/not enough and so we seek validation and approval and love from outside ourselves. Living less from our temporary ego, more from our soul - which is permanent, eternal, and bigger than the fabrication of our sense of self - is the key to a more fulfilling life. There is so much more to us than our ego and the identity we have created.

Starve your ego, feed your soul.

Humans have become very good at pleasure and achievement, but often not so great at the art of fulfilment. A good place to start is being less absorbed in ourselves.

Less Ego rejects the idea of VIP. Everyone is very important, and as important as everyone else. Everyone is equal. Different but equal, and everything is interconnected. Seeing ourselves as separate, and in some sort of hierarchy is at the heart of many of our problems.

Less Ego rejects ostentatious displays, “look at me” living, and the pursuit of validation from others.

Less Ego rejects greed, showing off, boasting, selfishness, fake, superficial, and any unnecessary formality.

Less Ego honours authenticity, timeless wisdom, being real, natural and with an awareness of the oneness of humanity.

Less Ego is about being a better human. Better for you, better for everyone.

That’s why we started. Keeping it real and keeping it true. Starving our ego, feeding our soul and keeping our head out of our a-hole.

"The more you're living from your ego, the more your life will feel empty and superficial. For depth and fulfilment you have to live from your soul, from your heart. Light up and lighten up. It's better for you, and better for everyone."